prayer beads


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Let us offer each other the sign of peace​

"Before mass in the small little church in Georgetown, next to the weekly flyer on the handout table there are little pouches with a picture of Saint Therese. I have one of them. They are sacrifice beads and I am always happy to see others take them. Although I’m still amazed at how the beads slide and stay in place, I’m more amazed at how they’ve made me feel when using them.

Last week we got to church early to hear the wonderful guitarist/singer, and in the middle of Colorado’s tourist season you expect to welcome out-of-towners to the mass. A dad and his two sons came in. The dad went right to the table as I watched, and he seemed to be drawn right to the sacrifice beads. He picked one up and read the card. He picked up another one (there were only two left) and he looked around as if to say “Are these free?” My heart warmed when I saw he was looking for the priest (who was sitting in a pew waiting for mass too). He went up to him, and although I couldn’t hear them, I saw him show the priest the two sets of beads and the father waved his hand. I knew he was telling him to take them – that’s what the table was for.

The father and his two sons left, and I’m sure the dad wished there was another set of beads – one for each of his sons and him too. I learned that day that things like this are more than handouts on the flyer table. They are messages for those who need them most."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Terry, July 30, 2013
"These are very lovely and can help people connect with heaven through prayer and beauty.  Today I met with the director of Evergreen Christian Outreach.  They are beginning a ministry called, Heavenly Treasures, where charitable assistance can be offered to people in need, via purchasing gifts donated or created there at Christmastime, in conjunction with the local Alternative Christmas project. I thought of your sacrifice beads.  With your permission I would like to donate these sacrifice beads to that cause for Christmas.  Beauty is a wonderful way to remind us of God's presence and our call to care for his little ones.  May our Lord's blessing be with you and all who are touched by these small treasures. Sincerely, Fr. Jim" 

Fr. Jim Fox, Christ the King Parish, Evergreen, CO (Aug. 28, 2013)