prayer beads

Mary’s Hands LLC was inspired by Story of a Soul, by Saint Therese of Lisieux. When she was a child, her older sister gifted a string of moveable beads to teach her to give of herself, out of love. The beads were a reminder, to make sacrifices for Jesus throughout her day. In a situation where she could sacrifice something she wanted, in favor of what someone else wanted, she would reach in her pocket and slide one bead toward the cross, a sacrifice for the other and for Jesus, out of love. 

Mary’s Hands began hand-making sacrifice beads and leaving them anonymously, as gifts. Two local churches and an adoration chapel in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado received the small donations and people began taking them home. These small pocket rosaries were also sent to family and friends so they could distribute where they were inspired. Most recent prayer beads are donated to the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen, Texas to give a little comfort and hope to the emigrants from South America. A growing number of these are unaccompanied children. Pope Francis in his papal message on July 16, 2014, says that "(human migration) one of the 'signs' of this time...that brings us back to the words of Jesus, 'Why do you not know how to interpret the present time?' (Lk 12, 57)

A belief in guidance by Our Blessed Mother, Mary, and a belief that those who find the beads, are meant to find them, has created a desire to continue to give them as gifts, but also to encourage those who find them to give to charity through donations to Mary’s Hands, as well as donate more sacrifice beads to their local churches, friends and family. This progression and guidance led to Mary’s Hands LLC and

The simple mission statement explained:

​One gift: Mary’s Hands sacrifice beads given with love, hope and belief that those in need of inspiration to prayer and charity will find them.

Three graces. Charity, prayer and sacrifice

​As a gift found, they inspire the grace of charity, or ‘love of others’ in the hearts of those who find them.

Their natural beauty and purpose inspires the grace of ‘spirit of worship’ or prayer, when used to recite the rosary. Small enough to carry throughout the day, they are a reminder to pray more.

Third, one moveable bead at a time, Mary’s Hands prayer beads lead to the grace of humility and sacrifice.

​Hidden in the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, ‘love of others’, ‘spirit of worship’, and ‘humility’, intertwined with all the others: a strong faith, forgiveness, hope and a grateful heart, to name a few, each living inside the other, linked together as an unbreakable loop of rosary beads, lead us from one to the other. No matter which grace we are given first, we will find all the others on the path and prayer keeps us walking. 

One Gift.  Three Graces

Charity  Prayer  Sacrifice